Clinical & Social Sciences in Psychology


Clinical Faculty



Loisa BennettoLoisa Bennetto

Department Chair

Associate Professor (Clinical, Developmental)

(585) 275-8712


Professor Bennetto's research interests focus on the neurocognitive bases of autism and other developmental disorders. Her recent work examines the role of multisensory processing in social-communication difficulties and in everyday behaviors, including restricted food preferences.





Mandi BurnetteMandi Burnette


Assistant Professor (Clinical)

(585) 275-8685


Professor Burnette's research is grounded in developmental psychopathology. Her work focuses on delineating risk factors (e.g., borderline personality, childhood abuse and neglect) for the development and maintenance of antisocial and problematic behavior (e.g., aggression, criminal behavior, substance use, prostitution) in girls and women, with the aim of informing intervention and prevention efforts.



Rafael KlormanRafael Klorman

Professor (Clinical)

(585) 275-2595


Professor Klorman's research interests include childhood externalizing and learning disorders, executive functions, emotion, psychophysiology, psychopharmacology, and psychopathology.


Professor Klorman cannot accept new graduate students.




Ron RoggeRonald D. Rogge

Associate Professor (Clinical)

(585) 273-3270


Ron Rogge is a clinical faculty member whose research focuses on understanding the early years of marriage.




Richard RyanRichard M. Ryan

Professor (Clinical, Motivation)

Director of Clinical Training

(585) 275-8708


Professor Ryan is interested in human motivation, personality development, psychotherapy and well-being.




Sheree TothSheree L. Toth

Director, Mt. Hope Family Center

Associate Professor

(585) 275-2991 (ext. 256)


Dr. Toth's research interests are broadly focused in the field of developmental psychopathology. She is especially interested in examining the effects of maltreatment and parental depression on child development, particularly in the domains of self development and representational capacities. Dr. Toth is also committed to the evaluation of preventive interventions for high risk populations.





Affiliated Faculty


Thomas O'Connor
Associate Professor of Psychiatry (Clinical)
University of Rochester Medical Center
(585) 273-1221


Wendy Nilsen

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry


Fred Rogosch

Associate Professor

Director of Research, Mt. Hope Family Center


Jody Todd-Manly

Assistant Professor

Research Associate, Mt. Hope Family Center


Geoffrey Williams

Associate Professor, Department of Medicine


Lisa Willis

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry


Peter Wyman

Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry




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