Clinical & Social Sciences in Psychology


Requirements for the Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology


aerial view of the UR River Campus Research. A primary aspect of graduate training is training in research. Considerable student and faculty effort is invested in research on applied as well as theoretical issues. Research proficiency is a major consideration in the evaluation of graduate students.


Quantitative Methods. Students must demonstrate competence in basic statistical skills and common statistical procedures used. The usual requirement is a sequence of two basic courses in quantitative methods.


Teaching. In order to prepare for teaching roles, graduate students assist faculty in teaching and supervising undergraduates and other graduate students. This teaching requirement may include leading discussion or laboratory sections, supervising the psychodiagnostic work of beginning graduate students, providing individual tutoring, or teaching courses.


Qualifying Requirements for Ph.D. Candidacy. Students must demonstrate competence in Clinical Psychology by passing a written qualifying examination. Competence in the broader field of psychology is demonstrated by the satisfactory completion of a set of courses from a list including Motivation, Social, and Developmental Psychology.


Dissertation. The completion and defense of an original piece of research is the final requirement for the Ph.D. degree.



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