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Loisa BennettoLoisa Bennetto

Department Chair, CSP

Associate Professor (and Clinical)

(585) 275-8712


Professor Bennetto's research interests focus on the neurocognitive bases of autism and other developmental disorders. Her recent work examines the role of multisensory processing in social-communication difficulties and in everyday behaviors, including restricted food preferences.






Patrick DaviesPatrick Davies


(585) 273-4672


Developmental Publications Page


Professor Davies' research interests include marital conflict, family discord, parental adjustment, child emotion regulation and coping with family stress, child psychosocial maladjustment, and competence.




Rafael KlormanRafael Klorman

Professor (and Clinical)

(585) 275-2595


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Professor Klorman's research interests include childhood externalizing and learning disorders, executive functions, emotion, psychophysiology, psychopharmacology, and psychopathology.




Judi SmetanaJudith Smetana


(585) 275-4592


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Professor Smetana's research interests include social-cognitive development, including moral and social reasoning and development; adolescent-parent relationships and development in cultural contexts; parenting and development of parenting beliefs.




Melissa Sturge-AppleMelissa L. Sturge-Apple, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

(585) 275-8711



Dr. Sturge-Apple's research focuses on examining family-wide process models of interparental discord, coparenting, parent-child relationships, and children's social and emotional adjustment.




Sheree TothSheree L. Toth

Director, Mt. Hope Family Center

Associate Professor (and Clinical)

(585) 275-2991 (ext. 256)


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Dr. Toth's research interests are broadly focused in the field of developmental psychopathology. She is especially interested in examining the effects of maltreatment and parental depression on child development, particularly in the domains of self development and representational capacities. Dr. Toth is also committed to the evaluation of preventive interventions for high risk populations.




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