Clinical & Social Sciences in Psychology


Human Motivation Faculty



Edward DeciEdward L. Deci

Professor (Social-Personality, Motivation)

Gowen Professor in the Social Sciences

(585) 275-2461


Professor Deci is interested in human motivation, particularly the nature and development of self-determination.




Andrew ElliotAndrew Elliot

Professor (Social-Personality, Motivation)

(585) 275-8710


Professor Elliot's research focuses on approach and avoidance motivation, achievement motivation, social motivation, and well being.




Christopher NiemiecChristopher Niemiec

Visiting Assistant Professor (Social-Personality, Motivation)

(585) 275-0106


Professor Niemiec's research focuses on human motivation, emotion, and personality in social contexts from the perspective of self-determination theory.




Harry ReisHarry Reis

Professor (Social-Personality, Motivation)

(585) 275-8697


Professor Reis' research interests involve social interaction and close relationships.




Richard RyanRichard M. Ryan

Professor (Clinical, Motivation)

Director of Clinical Training

(585) 275-8708


Professor Ryan is interested in human motivation, personality development, psychotherapy and well-being.





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