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Professor Burnette's research is grounded in developmental psychopathology. Her work focuses on delineating risk factors (e.g., borderline personality, childhood abuse and neglect) for the development and maintenance of antisocial and problematic behavior (e.g., aggression, criminal behavior, substance use, prostitution) in girls and women, with the aim of informing intervention and prevention efforts.

Research Interests

The development of violence and other forms of antisocial behavior remains an understudied area among female populations. In fact, many assumptions pertaining to the development of violence among males are translated to girls and women without empirical studies to substantiate their accuracy.  Dr. Burnette conducts research in the area of developmental psychopathology, with an emphasis on understanding female populations.

Her work has three aims:

  1. To map the association between proximal (e.g., current personality pathology, prostitution) and distal (e.g., childhood sexual abuse, childhood physical abuse) risk factors and the development of antisocial behavior (e.g., violence, substance use) in women and girls.
  2. To understand how these risk factors impact mental and physical health across the life span.
  3. To use this information to develop improved intervention and prevention efforts.

Dr. Burnette believes strongly that research should have not only theoretical, but practical implications.  She also strives to conduct research that is multidisciplinary in nature, with relevance to public health, psychiatry, public policy, substance abuse, and psychology.

Courses Offered (subject to change)

  • PSY/CSP 281  Psychology and the Law
  • PSY/CSP 282  Abnormal Psychology
  • CSP 571  Psychological Assessment II

Selected Publications

  • Burnette, M.L., Oshri, A., Lax, R., Richards, D., & Ragbeer, S. (In press). Pathways from harsh parenting to antisocial behavior: A multi-domain test of gender moderation. Development and Psychopathology.
  • Liebman, R. & Burnette, M.L. (In press). It's not you it's me: An examination of clinician and client level influences on countertransference towards borderline personality disorder. American Journal of Orthopsychiatry.
  • Oshri, A., Tubman, J., & Burnette, M.L. (2012). Child maltreatment histories, alcohol and other drug use symptoms, and sexual risk behavior in a treatment sample of adolescents. American Journal of Public Health, 102 (S2), S250-S257.
  • Warren, J.I. & Burnette, M.L. (2012). Factor invariance of Cluster B psychopathology among male and female inmates and association with antisocial behavior. Journal of Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology, 23(1), 40-60.
  • Oshri, A. Rogosch, F.A., Burnette, M.L. & Cicchetti, D. (2011). Pathways two adolescent cannabis abuse and dependence: Child maltreatment, emerging personality, and internalizing versus externalizing psychopathology. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, 25(4), 634-644.
  • Burnette, M.L., Schneider, R., Timko, C. & Ilgen, M. (2009). Impact of substance abuse treatment on women involved in prostitution: Substance use, mental health, and prostitution, 1-year post-treatment. Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, 70(1), 32-40.
  • Burnette, M.L., & Reppucci, N.D. (2009).  Child abuse and aggression in girls: The contribution of borderline personality disorder. Development and Psychopathology, 21, 309-317.
  • Schneider, R., Burnette, M.L., & Timko, C. (2009). Prevalence and correlates of intimate partner violence among men and women entering substance use disorder treatment. Violence and Victims, 24(6), 744-756.
  • Burnette, M.L. Ilgen, M., Frayne, S., Lucas, E., Mayo, J., & Weitlauf, J. (2008).  Violence perpetration and childhood abuse among men and women in substance abuse treatment. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 35(2), 217-222.
  • Burnette, M.L., Lucas, E., Ilgen, M., Frayne, S., Mayo, J., & Weitlauf, J. (2008). Prevalence and health correlates of prostitution among patients entering treatment for substance use disorders.  Archives of General Psychiatry, 65(3), 337-344.

Quick Facts

Title: Assistant Professor of Psychology

Education: Ph.D. , University of Virginia

Contact Info

460 Meliora Hall
Department of Clinical & Social Sciences in Psychology
Box 270266
University of Rochester
Rochester, NY 14627

Office Hours: By appointment