People—Andrew Elliot

Professor Elliot's research focuses on approach and avoidance motivation, achievement motivation, social motivation, and well being.

Research Interests

The primary focus of Dr. Elliot's research is on the hierarchical model of approach and avoidance motivation. Professor Elliot examines the antecedents, consequences, and development of achievement motivation and social motivation. He conducts basic, applied, and cross-cultural research in educational and sport contexts. Professor Elliot's work focuses on the self, motivation, parenting, achievement, and social connection.

Courses Offered (subject to change)

  • CSP 161  Social Psychology and Individual Differences
  • CSP 364/464  Achievement and Motivation

Selected Publications

Recent and Current Editorial Positions

  • Editor, Advances in Motivation Science (2014 - )
  • Associate Editor, Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin (2013 - )
  • Associate Editor, Psychological Science (2012 - )
  • Associate Editor, Emotion (2010)
  • Editor (Emotion and Motivation Section) Social and Personality Compass (2007 - 2008)
  • Associate Editor, Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin (2005 - 2007)
  • Associate Editor, Journal of Personality (2003 - 2006)

Recent and Current Graduate Students

  • Emily Greenwood (M.A. level)
  • Christopher Thorstenson (M.A. level)
  • Rachel Korn (M.A. level)
  • Adam Pazda (Ph.D. level)
  • Roger Feltman Context and Color Preferences: Does The Preference for Red Vary Across Romance and Achievement Contexts? (Ph.D. thesis)
  • Rachael Mapes - The socialization of fear of failure in Japan and the U.S. (Ph.D. thesis)
  • Wilbert Law - The impact of extrinsic goals on romantic relationships: A theoretical approach and some possible mechanisms (Ph.D. thesis)
  • James Fryer - Stability and change in achievement goals across the middle school transition (Ph.D. thesis)
  • Arlen Moller - The motivational dynamics of the need to belong (Ph.D. thesis)
  • Ron Friedman - The sound of motivation (Ph.D. thesis)
  • Todd Thrash - Inspiration as a motivational construct (Ph.D. thesis)
  • Holly McGregor - Fear of failure and shame (Ph.D. thesis)
  • Marcy Church - Perceptions of the college classroom and achievement goals (Ph.D. thesis)

Recent Visitors to the Lab

Qin Gau (China) 2012-2013
Dr. Yuxiang Zheng (China) 2012-2013
Katherine Buerger (Germany) 2012
Dr. Joanne Dickson (England) 2012
Felix Dinger (Germany) 2012
Daniela Oertig (Germany) 2012
Mark Leveszy (Germany) 2011
Marieke Roskes (The Netherlands) 2011
Nurcan Kahraman (Turkey) 2010
Dr. Stephanie Lictenfeld (Germany) 2010-2011
Isabelle Paulick (Germany) 2009
Dr. Lin Yu (China) 2008-2009
Dr. Julia Schueler (Switzerland) 2007
Mattias Radant (Germany) 2007
Dr. Huijin Liu (China) 2007
Dr. Kou Murayama (Japan) 2006-2008
Angelika Meier (Switzerland) 2006
Dr. Ayumi Tanaka (Japan) 2005-2006
Dr. Daniela Niesta (Germany) 2005-2008

Recent Grants

  • Institute of Education Sciences
    • "Transforming algebra assignments"—2010 to 2013 ($213,424)
  • Humboldt Foundation
    • "Achievement goals and emotions."—2007 to 2010 ($109,000)
  • W.T. Grant Foundation
    • "Fear of Failure and the Middle School Transition."—2004 to 2007 ($180,000)

Select Honors and Distinctions

  • Visiting Senior Research Fellowship, Jesus College, Oxford University (2013-2014)
  • Diener Award for Mid-Career Contributions to Personality Psychology, Jesus College, Oxford University (2013)
  • Thompson Reuter's ISI HighlyCited for Social Sciences (Psychology/Psychiatry). (2010)
  • Fellow, Society of Experimental Social Psychology (2009)
  • Fellow, American Psychological Association, Division 15 (2008)
  • Churchill Fellow Award, Churchill College, University of Cambridge (2008-2009)
  • Fellow, Association for Psychological Science (2007)
  • Fellow, American Psychological Association (2007)
  • Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award (2004)
  • Fellow, Society for Personality and Social Psychology (2004)
  • Richard Snow Award for Early Career Contributions to Educational Psychology (2002)
  • International Society for Self and Identity Early Career Award (2002)
  • APA Award for Distinguished Scientific Early Career Contributions to Psychology in the area of Personality Psychology (2001)

Quick Facts

Title: Professor of Psychology

Education: Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison


Contact Info

488 Meliora Hall
Department of Clinical & Social Sciences in Psychology
Box 270266
University of Rochester
Rochester, NY 14627

Phone: (585) 275-8710

Office Hours: By appointment