My dad is my hero...I feel sad because I miss him.

A five-year old in our PEACE program

You are the first person that has ever told me that I'm a good mother.

A mother in our Child-Parent Psychotherapy Program

I'm so happy that the worker gave me you.

A nine-year old to her therapist in our Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Program

I didn't think I could do it, but Rebecca believed in me!

A participant in the Incredible Years Parenting Group

Mt. Hope was the first place I learned I could be successful on my own.

A participant in the SOLAR Project

Our evidence-based therapies are proven to work.

We translate scientific discoveries into practice and improve the lives of families.

Sheree Toth, Ph.D., Executive Director

Welcome to Mt. Hope Family Center


We are a team of psychologists, researchers and clinicians helping to improve the lives of children and families who have experienced violence, abuse, neglect or trauma.

Mt. Hope Family Center’s unique approach combines scientific research, clinical services and hands-on mentoring and training in one facility.  We provide evidence-based intervention and prevention services to over 900 at-risk children and families annually in our community.  As part of the University of Rochester, we also train and educate the next generation of clinicians and research scientists.

Our team, along with the center’s executive director, Sheree Toth, Ph.D., is committed to reducing the devastating impact of childhood trauma, especially child maltreatment, and achieving better short and long-term mental health, developmental and physical health outcomes.