Graduate Students

Opportunities and funding support are available for Ph.D. candidates and post-doctoral fellows in the University of Rochester Department of  Psychology who work at the Center. In addition to pursuing their own scholarly work, students in these positions are encouraged to participate in clinical and research activities of the Center. Internships in local social work and mental health counseling programs are also available for students.

Training is offered for interns in a range of evidence-based therapeutic models (e.g., Child Parent Psychotherapy, Interpersonal Psychotherapy, and Trauma-focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). Comprehensive individual and group based supervision is provided to ensure therapeutic effectiveness and efficacy as well as professional growth.

Current Graduate Students

Tangeria Adams

Faculty Mentor: Sheree Toth

Michelle Alto

Faculty Mentor: Sheree Toth

Elizabeth Demeusy

Faculty Mentor: Sheree Toth

Erika Esposito

Faculty Mentor: Liz Handley/Cassie Glenn

Debrielle Jacques

Faculty Mentor: Melissa Sturge-Apple

Hannah Jones

Faculty Mentor: Melissa Sturge-Apple

Carson Kautz

Faculty Mentor: Christie Petrenko

Abigail Laufer

Faculty Mentor: Fred Rogosch

Lucia Parry

Faculty Mentor: Patrick Davies

Joanna Pearson

Faculty Mentor: Patrick Davies

Cory Platts

Faculty Mentor: Melissa Sturge-Apple

Andy Ross

Faculty Mentor: Liz Handley/Sheree Toth

Anna Smith

Faculty Mentor: Jody Todd Manly/Melissa Sturge-Apple

Hannah Swerbenski

Faculty Mentor: Melissa Sturge-Apple

Morgan Thompson

Faculty Mentor: Patrick Davies

Jennifer Warmingham

Faculty Mentor: Fred Rogosch/Sheree Toth


Advanced Clinical Trainees

Cariann Coward

Branna Diaz

Tiarra Johnson

Alysa MacMillan