Current Studies


Translational Research that Adapts New Science FOR Maltreatment Prevention

Principal Investigators:  Sheree Toth, Ph.D., Jennie Noll, Ph.D.

  • Project TRAIL
  • Project IDEA
  • Family Health Study

Project FLIGHT 2.0

Families Learning, Interacting, and Growing Healthy Together

Principal Investigators:  Melissa Sturge-Apple, Ph.D., Patrick Davies, Ph.D.

Project THRIVE

Teamwork and Happiness in Relationships and It’s Intergenerational Value and Effectiveness

Principal Investigator:  Patrick Davies, Ph.D.


Families Moving Forward:  A Caregiver Mobile Health Intervention for FASD

Principal Investigators:  Christie Petrenko, Ph.D, Cristiano Tapparello, Ph.D.

My Health Coach

Mobile Health Tools for Adults with FASD

Principal Investigators:  Christie Petrenko, Ph.D., Cristiano Tapparello, Ph.D.

Heterogeneity and Harmonization

Understanding Risk Heterogeneity Following Child Maltreatment: An Intergrative Data Analysis Approach

Principal Investigator:  Justin Russotti, Ph.D.