Cognitive Behavioral and Child Therapy

When children experience traumatic events such as family violence, maltreatment, long-term chaos or instability, death or other crisis, we have found they often exhibit symptoms of traumatic stress, depression, anxiety, and anger management difficulties. Our Child Therapy programs provide a short-term child-focused intervention specifically for children ages 3-17 using evidence-based therapies adjusted for each child’s developmental level to identify and address these problems. We utilize cognitive-behavioral techniques to help children develop skills in identifying and expressing their emotions appropriately, understanding the links between their thought, feelings, behaviors, and consequences, problem solving, relaxation, and other skills tailored to their individual needs.

The Monroe County Department of Human Services refers children they believe could benefit and we meet weekly with the child either at Mt. Hope Family Center or at school. The goal is helping the child identify the issues and behaviors causing them difficulty, then building their resilience and improving their social and emotional functioning through new coping skills and adaptive behaviors.

Clinical Director

Jody Todd Manly, Ph.D.


Special Thanks To Our Funder
Monroe County Department of Human Services and Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration