Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Our Cognitive Behavioral Therapy programs provide child-focused interventions for ages 3-17 using evidence-based therapies with focuses in trauma (TF-CBT), anger, depression, and anxiety. Treatment is adjusted for each child’s developmental level to identify and address these challenges. We utilize cognitive behavioral techniques to help children develop skills in identifying and expressing their emotions appropriately and understanding the links between their thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and consequences. We also work toward building problem solving, relaxation, and other coping skills tailored to their individual needs as they process the impact of their stressful or traumatic experiences. A therapist meets regularly with the child at Mt. Hope Family Center, their school, their home (if deemed appropriate), or through telehealth.

Families can reach out directly to MHFC to inquire about services.  We also accept referrals through community partners or other child-serving organizations.

Who is eligible: children ages 3-17

Offered Under: Monroe County Department of Human Services Preventive Unit Contracted Services, Project ANGEL (Achieving New Growth & Embracing Learning) for ages 3-12

Clinical Director

Jody Todd Manly, Ph.D.