Undergraduate Student Internships

University of Rochester students seeking course credit:

Mt. Hope Family Center is committed to supporting, training, and empowering young professionals in the field of psychology. As part of this mission, course credit is available to University of Rochester undergraduate students who actively participate in our clinical programs and/or research projects.

Please review these guidelines carefully prior to submitting your application for course credit: MHFC Course Credit Guidelines

Be prepared to identify which project(s) best fit your skills and interests:


Paid & Volunteer Positions

Mt. Hope Family Center employs college undergraduate students for both paid and unpaid positions, including internships.

Our PATHS program is continuously recruiting counselors throughout the year for Fall/Spring sessions as well as for Summer Camp. Other programs and research projects offer internships on a limited basis, which can often be taken for credit through arrangements with other higher educational institutions.

For research internship opportunities, contact Stephanie Capobianco at stephanie.capobianco@rochester.edu.

For inquires about the PATHS program, contact Meredith Russell at meredith_russell@urmc.rochester.edu.

University of Rochester students can also check for current postings on Handshake.


Please note that our internships are open to college students only.