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Graduate Students

I DO expect to take a student in Fall 2023. Please see here for further information.

Undergraduate Students
We are lucky to have a fantastic team of undergrads who play an integral role in our research. We periodically accept new research assistants to assist in the lab for course credit. We’re always on the lookout for motivated, smart, conscientious students who interested in the work we do. This is a particularly good position for someone who wants to apply to grad school; we provide experiences that may give you a competitive edge for grad school admissions and research jobs, and we’re invested in the professional development of our students. We’re proud of our lab alumni, virtually all of whom have either gone off to great grad programs or gotten really terrific post-bacc positions in research or other fields of their choosing.

To apply, fill out an application, and we will be in touch as positions become available, if you seem like a good fit. If you’d like to check on the status of your application, email

Please note: Our lab has decided not to recruit any new undergraduate RAs for the Spring 2021, but we are definitely accepting applications for Summer and Fall 2021. You are welcome to fill out the application as early as you like.