Online Research Studies

Department researchers are always recruiting for volunteers to participate in a variety of studies advancing the science of psychology. These studies are generally considered low-risk, and may offer compensation. Studies may carry certain eligibility requirements. Frequently, recruitment is sought for university undergraduates, but several studies are open to members of the community as well.

All departmental studies must undergo review and monitoring by the University's Research Subjects Review Board. Approved information and consent forms carry an RSRB stamp.

Undergraduate psychology courses frequently offer extra credit for research participation; students should check with their instructors for details.

Research Assistants Wanted

Research Assistant Positions

Faculty and graduate students of the department are frequently in search of individuals with an interest in social sciences research. These positions vary with regard to requirements, duties and compensation. Many positions are volunteer positions, and offer an excellent opportunity to participate in the field of psychology first-hand. They also offer valuable experience for those continuing their careers in a research field. Paid positions, when available, can be found on the university's job board.

Information about available research positions is usually posted on the third and fourth floors of Meliora Hall. Most are posted during the first month of the spring and fall semesters. Interested students may also contact faculty members directly. Students may be eligible to earn academic credit, as a course or an independent study, for their research experience. For details, students should contact their academic advisor and/or the individual offering the position.