Post-Doctoral Trainees

Justin Russotti

 Justin Russotti, PhD, LCSW



Earliest start date: 7/1/2022

Applicants, please contact: Dr. Elizabeth Handley, Research Director, Mt. Hope Family Center
University of Rochester

The TRANSFORM Research Center,, is a NICHD-funded P50 center of excellence on child abuse and neglect that was established as a collaboration between the Mt. Hope Family Center,, at the University of Rochester and the University of Minnesota in 2018. TRANSFORM is working to change the paradigm of child maltreatment research and prevention. TRANSFORM is one of only three NICHD-funded centers nationwide with this recognition. As a multidisciplinary translational hub that builds upon discoveries in genetics, neuroscience, neurobiological, prevention and intervention science, child welfare, and court systems, TRANSFORM scholars advance international knowledge on development throughout the life course.

TRANSFORM is committed to training the next generation of researchers. As such, postdoctoral fellows will work with a multi mentor team to advance their training in developmental psychopathology, child maltreatment, and social inequities, quantitative methods, randomized control trials, grant writing, community engagement, and the effective translation and dissemination of science. Postdoctoral fellows will have the opportunity to be involved with ongoing basic research and preventive intervention studies. Specifically, investigations include the long-term physical (epigenetic, telomere, immune, cardiovascular, etc) and mental health consequences of child maltreatment, and a maltreatment preventive intervention for socioeconomically disadvantaged pregnant women. Additionally, postdoctoral fellows will have mentored access to a vast multiple-levels-of-analysis data archive of over 40+