Mt. Hope Family Center employs approximately eighty full-time personnel, including Psychology Faculty at the Ph.D. level, Information Analysts, Social Workers, Research Assistants (Bachelor’s level) and Administrative Personnel. Part-time counselors are hired for the PATHS After School Program during the academic year. Summer employment is also available for Counselors for the PATHS Summer Camp Session. Counselors are generally undergraduate or graduate students in the social sciences or related areas.  If you are interested in the PATHS program, please contact Program Director Meredith Russell at meredith_russell@urmc.rochester.edu.

Employees of Mt. Hope Family Center are University of Rochester employees, and receive all University of Rochester benefits consistent with University policies. For further information on benefits at the University of Rochester, go to https://secure1.rochester.edu/hr/benefits/. For additional information on employment opportunities go to www.rochester.edu/people/applyonline.